July 4th Fundraising

Hello everyone! We had a huge success fundraising on July 4th! In total, we made $385! Congratulations! This money will definitely help us with our expenses for STEM Club!

Everyone worked really hard in fundraising. In the morning, we split up into 4 groups. Each group had an ice box and signs. After a lot of hard work, each group made around $30 to $60! When we counted all the money, we had over $150! That was almost as much as we made in our bake sale!

We had the biggest success at night! Everyone gathered in the parking lot of Kings at 6 o’ clock. The team went around the parking lot and on the street, calling out what we were selling. “Glow sticks! 2 for a dollar! Get your water, glow sticks, ice pops, and soda here!” We sold more than a cooler of water! By the end of the night, our money bags were stuffed. The fireworks at the end of the night celebrated our success of the day.

Here are some pictures that we took during our fundraising events:

IMG_2043 IMG_2042 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2036 IMG_2035IMG_2045

Hi everyone,

Just some quick notices I think all of STEM club should know. 1) When a post has STEMadmin as its publisher it means that it is a notice from Eddie and I. Otherwise, the publisher of the post will be from someone in our club with first initial, last name. For example,  aruhl, djohnson, rson.  2) Although we already have a sufficient supply of water bottle packages, please remember to bring at least one to West Side Bagels on Thursday  at 9:00 am.  3) If you have a cooler or a wagon please bring it. We might be having last second additions to people who can help us which can also mean more groups. 4) Lastly, if you have a cell phone please bring it to West Side. If you do not have one or will not be able to bring it, that is okay. We will need cell phones when we run out of water bottles, or glow sticks etc.



Ashton and Eddie