First Meeting Of The School Year

Today, on September 12, 2013, a whole 2013-2014 school year is now kicked off.

This meeting also kickstarted our 2013 FLL season. We showed off the missions, voted for jobs (results will come out Wednesday, we’re leaving you in suspense), and reviewed what we did in the summer.

Don’t forget, our next meeting is Wednesday, September 18, 2013! Have your letters and T-shirts geared! See you then!

STEM Meeting 9/12/13

Hi everyone,

As we are all aware we will be having a very important STEM Meeting tomorrow 9/12. I cannot stress it enough, all STEM members should attend this meeting! We are choosing our roles for our Robotics Team. If you will not be able to attend, please, see Eddie or I and we will update you with what happened. There is a wide range of roles available for our team so I am confident everyone will find a role they will like.

I cant wait to see everyone tomorrow,

Ashton Rollins

STEM Back at School

Hi everyone! We need to decide our schedule of meetings back at school. We also need to gather some ideas for the club fair. Also, we need to start brainstorming about what we want to do after FLL ends. If anyone has any ideas, please comment about them. Also, if you could comment which days you are available, that would be great! Me and Ashton will be meeting to decide which day we will meet, and we need your input!

See you back at school! I’ll keep you posted!

FLL 2013 Nature’s Fury Challenge

Hello everyone!

The challenge PDF is finally out, explaining all of the missions, rules, and project! Expect to laugh a couple times, as there are many funny parts (I did). You can find it here.

Also, there is a set of videos here (visual aid only – turn sound down – narrator is nuts?) 🙂

Anyway, how is the summer going? I am in 上海, otherwise known as Shanghai, China. Tomorrow (September 3) I will be coming back to the U.S. Meet you at STEM!


P.S. We still don’t know the date of the next meeting, but stay tuned!