Phone Bloks

Hi everyone! I know this is random, but I was browsing the internet, and I found something really cool, the concept of a “Phone Blok.” What it is, is a smartphone in which each component is an easily replacable “Blok”, so you can customize your own phone! It is not a reality yet, but another idea for is letting anyone design bloks, so you could run different OS and have a phone that is truly yours. You could also do thing let add a nicer camera if you enjoy taking pictures, or not having something like a camera in exchange for a larger battery! Here is a link to a youtube video about the topic —>         Also visit for more info. BTW, is there a meeting on Thursday?




Hi everyone,
We all had a great meeting today! It was one of the most progressive meetings yet. We completed many key parts that will allows us to move on. And… Mrs. Ruhl’s Lasagne Ruhled!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the best foods I’ve ever had in my life! We are also working very hard on the project, where are almost done putting the actual sidewalk together. I am so happy that EVERYTHING is finally being put together. Cant wait for next meeting.

10/17 STEM Meeting

Hi Everyone,
On October 17 we had some firemen come in to our STEM Meeting to talk about what they do and how to be safe during storms and fires. We had some pre-prepared questions that we handed out for people to ask. We all had a fun time asking great questions about what they do. We realized that they do a lot more than we thought. Not just rescuing a cat from a tree, but making sure everyone is safe during bad storms, and putting out fires. They even told us that on the average day, they get 2 to 3 calls! That must be a lot of work. Some days they get even MORE! We also had a fun time explaining about our progress for the Missions and the Project. We are getting so close to the competition but we will keep on working hard to get everything done.


STEM 10/24 Meeting

So, as you all know, we had a meeting today after school from 3:00-~4:15. We had a phone call with a guy from the national weather service who helped track Hurricane Sandy while it was brewing. We talked mostly about solutions to problems that happen during storms, and what the weather service does to help bring people to saftey during a storm. It was an interesting meeting, and I hope we talk to more people like him in the future.

Meeting on 10/3/13

The STEM Club had a great meeting on the 3rd. We started off by welcoming the newcomers and passing out the role choosing sheets. Just a reminder, the mission and project roles are all out.

After we got that sorted out, we showed the progress for the FLL robot that is going to be in the competition. This year, our robot has a modular design to help prevent the long times that it took for the attachments on the robot to go on and off last year. With the new modular design, the robot only has to be “unplugged” from one base and “plugged” into another base.

Then, the project team took a turn to show their progress. They chose blizzards as their topic and people slipping on sidewalks as their problem. Their solution so far is a solar powered heated walkway. Now, all that’s left is to build it!

There was a long period of idea generating after that. There were many ideas that we came up with, ranging from a lightning collector for additional power to contacting news stations from outreach. Finally, we watched some videos.

All in all, this meeting was very successful. We showed our progress, gave our team members a chance for idea generation, and showed some videos.