FLL 9/21/14 Team 2 Meeting

Yesterday was a great day for Team 2.

The project team finalize the topic for the project. Also they started researching the idea.

The mission team did well too.  We created a robot base that we are improving constantly.  Also we started creating attachments to go on the base.  This year we are going to use a attachment module.

I can’t wait for this weekend,


9/21’s Great Team 1 Meeting!

Hi everyone!

Today, we had a great team 1 meeting! Great job on finishing all of our goals!

Here’s what we did:

  • Mission Team
    • Built base and started attaching motors and EV3!
    • Considered solutions for mission models
  • Project Team
    • Finished watching TED talk on education
    • Finalized project question and topic (How can we improve the way someone in middle/elementary school learns engineering?)
    • Started researching how people learn engineering

Great job to everyone! We can’t wait to see everyone at next week’s open house and meeting!

First FLL Meeting!

On Saturday and Sunday, we had our first FLL meetings of the year! We had a great turnout on both Saturday and Sunday, and we are all looking towards a great new start of the FLL competition season!

We started to brainstorm for our Project. (Team 1 and 2, if you want to comment and give some feedback, that would be great!) Here are some of our ideas:

-An app for teamwork that gives two scenarios that involve teamwork. This is targeted towards younger kids.
-An app for spelling and academics that helps kids work on their schoolwork. This features a virtual study group so many kids can work together at once.
-Bio-technology for recognizing and remembering names. (Still working on details)

We also got working on our Mission, and we started to brainstorm on trips and strategies.

We had a productive meeting on Sunday, and I hope to see everyone again at the STEM Meeting!

Another School Year, Another STEM Year!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe how quickly summer went by!

However, we’re back to reality now, and even though I’m a bit disappointed that summer’s over, I’m really excited for STEM and FLL this year!

Our first STEM meeting of the year will be on this Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00 at Ms. Kuiken’s room! For any newcomers that have been referred to this site, the incoming student STEM meeting will be on Thursday at Ms. Kuiken’s room. (That’s directly under Ms. Feit’s room) from 3:00 to 3:15.

Also, just a reminder: we will be posting many updates online. Keep constantly checking the STEM website, the STEM Events tab on the website, and your email.

I can’t wait for an amazing year of STEM!