7/12 STEM Club Meeting Recap

Today, we mainly focused on the mission and the project. Eddie and Ashton did an awesome job of giving us more specific details on those topics. Remember the girl, who came during the open house? Well, she came back, and she gave us some really good advice on the project and on the mission. For example, while making the power points, key notes, posters, etc. for the project, we should stay away from writing about what we could’ve done. *Christina told us that rather than presenting an idea to the judges, we should try to create a prototype of whatever invention, or idea we have in mind. Also, during the meeting, Eddie and Ashton showed us a chart of how much the project, mission, and miscellaneous would cost. I think that the grand total was around $1,500 dollars! Well, that’s about as much as I can summarize about our meeting, so see you all later!

*I think Christina is her name, but if it isn’t, feel free to tell me so I can go and correct it:)

2 thoughts on “7/12 STEM Club Meeting Recap

  1. Rebecca did a great job summarizing our meeting today. Our homework is still the same, because we have to find a solution. Christina mentioned that a solution that could help people in all different situations would make us “different”. Drew mentioned something about mass evacuation trucks, and Rebecca mentioned something about tsunamis and earthquakes and how we could avoid them. If you want to come up with a little tweak in these ideas, make sure to comment. Ashton and Eddie gave a presentation about hurricanes and earthquakes(just a collection of facts that could help us make a mechanism if we decided to do that situation) If anybody wanted to make a presentation themselves for our next meeting of a natural disaster of their choice, that would be great. Ashton also discussed that if anyone could prepare a couple facts that could impact our project, they could come up and present it in front of us. On the computer, we went on a website that taught us about some simple machinery at http://www.edheads.org. that’s about it…I hope to see all of you guys next week!

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