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Hi everyone! I’ve been working on an Android app called SidewalkHeat instead of going onto a web browser. It will still work on the web browser, but this is an extra touch to make it easier.

Here is the prototype download:


Updated version v1.1: SidewalkHeatv101.apk

Mac version:

After downloading the file, you can copy it into your Android device and use a APK installer app from the Play Store. If there are any problems, please notify me.

UPDATE (11/27/13):

I’ve made a new update (v1.1) that automatically connects to the PiProject network. We still need to do some testing on this though.

I have put the link above and here:


UPDATE (11/29/13):

I’ve made a new app for Macs. I did some testing and it works!

I have put the link above and here:

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