At Super Green Solutions

Today (November 9, 2013) we drove to SuperGreen Solutions in Englewood to take a look at their innovations with solar power, water power, and wind power. They showed us their showroom, which contains a lot of things. A huge solar panel that generates 250 watts stands in one corner. Near the entrance, there is a unit consisting of two solar panels that are attached by hinges so you can fold them for easy transportation. A light bulb sitting on the table can power a lamp and charge a Samsung phone at the same time. You just plug that lamp into a waterproof solar panel (no, the lamp isn’t waterproof) to charge it.

Later, we showed them our innovation. Our solar heated walkway charges during sun using the solar panels. When it’s cold outside, you just turn on the heat from the comfort of your home. SuperGreen Solutions told us that this was an amazing idea and that it really would shape the future. Of course, they said we need to shrink costs, but at least we’re getting a start!.

The showroom also has other stuff. They feature LED bulbs which are brighter and more efficient. There is a water generator that filters dehumidified air into drinking water. They have more efficient water heaters, and eco insulation.

Their website is:

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