STEM meeting 7/19/13

July 19th, 2013

Presented Different natural Disasters

  • Blizzards: Anthony

–  love snow

– during a blizzard there is reduced vision

– certain wind scale for measuring blizzards

– formation: cold air crashes into warm air from tropics, clouds form

– Problems: transportation, buildings collapse, snowdrifts, powerlines+pipes freeze

– Solutions: Robots(ex. Electrac) can cut through snow and  rescue people

  • Earthquakes: Eddie

-Vector Scale goes on forever

-vibrations in the earth

  • Wildfires: Laura

-uncontrolled fire that starts in areas of vegetation

-economy is forced to pay for property damage

Discussed Various Inventions

Jennifer- heatpads that act as a glow stick

continued to

-boots for warmth as well as shoveling/melting snow

-handwarmers too expensive

-difficult to get to car in a snowstorm

-stairs are slippery and dangerous

-melt the snow with heating pads


-battery that runs on air

– special lightbulb that emits light by itself

Think: How to generate electricity or create/improve items that don’t use electricity?


Eddie and Ashton demonstrated creating a program for the robot.

– different blocks that represent various actions or functions

ex. text, numbers

Then they downloaded the program into the robot through wire. 

Also, they identified specific parts of the robot.

-ports: parts where you connect a certain wire of a motor

-hub: main section for all wires to be connected to (ex. item that multiple headphones may be plugged into)


Homework: research MOLD