Problem With Hurricanes

One major problem with hurricanes is that we usually lose power. Although we can’t really fix this we can solve a problem that comes with that. The issue I am talking about is the improper use of generators and cars for heating and other reasons. Many people forget that they must bring the generator outside while using it. If they keep it inside they might eventually die form the carbon monoxide that builds up. This is the same issue with the cars. When people run them inside their garage they end of slowly killing themselves with the carbon monoxide. In Hurricane Sandy in total 10 people died from poisoning. 90% of those cases were from carbon monoxide. 5 were from New Jersey. There were also many cases of carbon monoxide levels going off the chart where the fire department had to intervene. All of the cases were serious.

A solution to this problem is to create a device that can possibly warn the person about the level of carbon monoxide by creating a large, blaring beep. We would have to put a carbon monoxide sensor to communicate with a circuit board and then make the alarm go off with a bit of programming (power would come from a battery). This alarm could the jar the person from falling asleep and thus give them the time need to get a window or something open. This could potentially save their life. Please tell me what you think about my idea.