Team #1 Meeting 10/4/14

Team #1 had a great meeting today! Our mission team has (finally) completed our robot’s base, as well as working on several attachments. On project, Eddie, Ashton and Shalin started to program and they finalized our survey. Dr. Fishbein and Dr. K have already been emailed copies.

Phone Bloks

Hi everyone! I know this is random, but I was browsing the internet, and I found something really cool, the concept of a “Phone Blok.” What it is, is a smartphone in which each component is an easily replacable “Blok”, so you can customize your own phone! It is not a reality yet, but another idea for is letting anyone design bloks, so you could run different OS and have a phone that is truly yours. You could also do thing let add a nicer camera if you enjoy taking pictures, or not having something like a camera in exchange for a larger battery! Here is a link to a youtube video about the topic —>         Also visit for more info. BTW, is there a meeting on Thursday?



STEM 10/24 Meeting

So, as you all know, we had a meeting today after school from 3:00-~4:15. We had a phone call with a guy from the national weather service who helped track Hurricane Sandy while it was brewing. We talked mostly about solutions to problems that happen during storms, and what the weather service does to help bring people to saftey during a storm. It was an interesting meeting, and I hope we talk to more people like him in the future.

Hi guys

Sorry i missed the last few meetings. I have been away on vacation and at camp. Could someone fill me in about any important things i missed, like project ideas and the mold research?