Back From Camp

HI GUYS!!!!!

Sorry I was in camp and was not able to respond to any of your emails. As you know Eddie is in China and i will be going to Hawaii in a few weeks. We will both still be active on our computers. I hope you guys have a lot of fun during the rest of your summers, and know that now i will be able to answer any of your questions comments or concerns.


Ashton Rollins

2 thoughts on “Back From Camp

  1. Hey, I have two questions. In September, if you guys decide to showcase STEM at the Club Fair, do the members that already participate have to sign up again? Also, for our sponsor letters, do we have to send them during the summer, or should we save them for September so that the members could edit them? See you in September…(can you believe it’s already August 12??? I can’t wait to get our schedules!)

    • The members that are already in the club don’t have to sign up again. Also, I think we should keep our letters until September.

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