Bergen Qualifying FLL Tournament

The STEM club (Team #5642) finally has gotten through the regional tournament with awesome results! Team members’ throats were hoarse at the end of the tournament by cheerleading.

First, at 9:00, we went to the project judging room and showed off our skit with our project. After all this hard work, we created a brick that heats itself with solar power. The judges were simply shocked.

Robot Design was a tremendous session. We impressed the judges with our modular design, leading us up to 1st place.

In the afternoon, after a belly-filling lunch of soup and sandwiches, we placed our robot in the robot game matches. Matches 2 and 3 were not that bad, but Match 1 was much better! Match 1 scored us over 300 points, yet we were done when the timer still had 30 seconds left! It seemed our modular design did help a lot.

It did turn out to be a great success. We got 3rd place in Robot Performance and 1st place in Robot Design!

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