Great Mission Model Building Session!

Congratulations to everyone for the great and productive mission model building session yesterday!

The session was from 10AM to 6PM, but we finished two whole sets of boxes 3 hours early! That’s one of our best records!

I can’t wait for the official challenge to come out soon. It will outline where to put all of these wonderful models that were built and what the robot needs to do with them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at school!

FIRST Robotics Showcase

An upcoming event: The FIRST Robotics Showcase hosted by the STEM Club!

Come join us at the

1st Annual FIRST Robotics Showcase!

Special Presentations from Leading NJ Robotics Teams starting at 1:30!

Come watch, learn, and interact with robots and real-world problems and solutions!

This fun-filled day is open to everyone, whether you are a novice or an expert! Be sure to bring all your friends and anything you’d like to share!

Saturday, May 17th 1-3 PM

George Washington Middle School

155 Washington Pl. Ridgewood, NJ

New Gymnasium


Parking available across the street at the church.


The flyer for this event is here: FRS Final Flyer

More Outreach!

We’ve just completed some more outreach!

First, we made a presentation at the library. Around 20 people came and watched us. We presented our project skit and our robot. Everyone was wowed. Here are some pictures:

photo 1 photo 3photo 5

We also had a presentation at Ridge Elementary School. We showed all of the future STEM Club members our skit, our missions, and even passed the BTU itself around! Here are some pictures:

photo 1-2 photo 2 photo 3-2


After the Ridge School presentation, we had a big event. We went to Willard Elementary School during the science fair. We had at least one hundred people looking at us! We also had the same program as the Ridge presentation. Here are some pictures:


The BTU Website is Here!

The BTU website is finally here! The website gives you lots of information about the BTU, our project solution. Don’t forget to hit that blue “Support Us” link on the top-right! The link is Thanks to Anthony Li for making this awesome website!

Also, Solar Roadways has posted about our BTU on their website. Click here to go to the webpage. Thank you to Solar Roadways!


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Happy new year!

I have good news for everyone! The state competition has been rescheduled. This means that there will be no lottery to go to world, and instead we will have an actual competition! The competition will be on March 8, 2014 (just in time for my birthday). We have three more months to practice!

Happy holidays!



So this afternoon I was just surfing the internet, and I found this pretty cool platform. Its called BrickPi. It is a module that can be snapped on top of your Raspberry Pi. It is an Arduino platform that uses Python to program it. It is a little tougher, but it is a great way to learn how to code. It has a top plate with lots of holes for pegs and beams. It is compatible with NXT and EV3. I just thought you guys would enjoy this video.



App for SidewalkHeat

Hi everyone! I’ve been working on an Android app called SidewalkHeat instead of going onto a web browser. It will still work on the web browser, but this is an extra touch to make it easier.

Here is the prototype download:


Updated version v1.1: SidewalkHeatv101.apk

Mac version:

After downloading the file, you can copy it into your Android device and use a APK installer app from the Play Store. If there are any problems, please notify me.

UPDATE (11/27/13):

I’ve made a new update (v1.1) that automatically connects to the PiProject network. We still need to do some testing on this though.

I have put the link above and here:


UPDATE (11/29/13):

I’ve made a new app for Macs. I did some testing and it works!

I have put the link above and here: