First FLL Meeting!

On Saturday and Sunday, we had our first FLL meetings of the year! We had a great turnout on both Saturday and Sunday, and we are all looking towards a great new start of the FLL competition season!

We started to brainstorm for our Project. (Team 1 and 2, if you want to comment and give some feedback, that would be great!) Here are some of our ideas:

-An app for teamwork that gives two scenarios that involve teamwork. This is targeted towards younger kids.
-An app for spelling and academics that helps kids work on their schoolwork. This features a virtual study group so many kids can work together at once.
-Bio-technology for recognizing and remembering names. (Still working on details)

We also got working on our Mission, and we started to brainstorm on trips and strategies.

We had a productive meeting on Sunday, and I hope to see everyone again at the STEM Meeting!

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