First Meeting

Our first meeting

Our first STEM meeting, which was like an orientation.

Yay! We had our first actual STEM meeting on May 29!

First, Ashton and Eddie gave a warm welcome to all the people who attended. We explained all about FLL, how it works, and how we’d split people up into different roles. The roles are the project group, the missions group, the A/V group, the core values group, and the website and documenting group. In addition, the students watched videos about FLL. They looked at our blogs (one of them is the one you’re reading) and asked questions. Finally, we talked about how we would fundraise for next year. Then came the final announcements. These included the STEM homework and our next meeting (June 12). Our meeting really was a success and I hope that no one will drop out.

To learn about FLL, please visit the page here or watch the video here.

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