FLL 2013 Nature’s Fury Challenge

Hello everyone!

The challenge PDF is finally out, explaining all of the missions, rules, and project! Expect to laugh a couple times, as there are many funny parts (I did). You can find it here.

Also, there is a set of videos here (visual aid only – turn sound down – narrator is nuts?) 🙂

Anyway, how is the summer going? I am in 上海, otherwise known as Shanghai, China. Tomorrow (September 3) I will be coming back to the U.S. Meet you at STEM!


P.S. We still don’t know the date of the next meeting, but stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “FLL 2013 Nature’s Fury Challenge

  1. Hey, I saw the PDF for the project. FLL says that the first step is to choose a community that could experience a natural disaster. So, from what we’ve collected, we’re either doing something in Ridgewood, or if we’re doing something with mold, we’re doing a town/city where Hurricane Sandy struck. Is that correct? (I’m not really sure.) We can do the other steps later. I just want to get this straight.

    • You’re right. Every year, FIRST gives you some requirements that may help. For example, last year we were supposed to choose a senior for our project and work from there. In Food Factor, we made food journeys from the start point (seed, baby animal) to your table. We had to include safety measures, methods of transport, and processing plants.

      Thanks for asking!

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