Garbage Mountain Idea

Hi Alex,
One of the things we talked about during the meeting was that prototypes give us a better chance of doing better in the competition. Although your idea is great, It is not very realistic. We would not bring a garbage mountain into the judging room and present them that idea because it would be impossible. For example, during the second year of our FLL team being together we did not notice that a real prototype would help us do better. It turned out that year we did not do very well in the project because we didn’t have a prototype. The next year we knew we had to change something so we created an actual prototype to show the judges. We made the prototype because it was a model of what would help senior’s hear better. Instead of saying we could make a good high quality “hearing hat”, we did make it and that is what the judges are looking for.

I hope to see you at the next STEM meeting and we can talk more about it then.


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