Our Meeting on July 26

Hey guys, Jennifer and Arunima here. So, Runi forgot her password, so we’re using my account. Anyway, we were trying to narrow down our ideas for the project, and learn about how to program simple robots. First, we broke into two groups and Eddie and Ashton each reviewed what we learned last week. They showed us the different parts of the robot, and what each of their purposes were. Afterwards, each group got their own computer that had the programming application already downloaded on it, and got to “play around” with it. Then we got to transfer the files onto the robot and see the outcome. We became quite comfortable with the program, and we know how to create programs for simple robots.

Next, we discussed our reports for mold. In a nutshell, mold is a type of fungi that needs moisture and anything in the house, especially wallboard. Everyone gave a little report about it, and Laura even made a Powerpoint. Mrs. Rollins came up with an absolutely brilliant idea of a plug-in freshener(like febreeze or dove) that turns a certain color when there is an unpleasant odor from the mold. We haven’t exactly worked out the details, but that’s definitely a possibility for our project. We also discussed our idea of the boots with the hand warmers on the bottom. For our “newsflash”, we saw a youtube video about Norwegian roads that are coming out soon that have lighting so that at night, there’s enough light to see. Also, it predicts the weather, and if you have a car that has to be charged, then by going in a certain lane, your car can get charged. It’s pretty cool…also, we saw this fabric that is very flexible, but when wet, it turns into concrete. Furthermore, there is a kind of concrete that sucks up all the water. Runi came up with an AWESOME idea, to use the concrete the sucks up all the water for our boots with hand warmers. When the boots melt all the snow and the snow becomes water, the water can be dried by the concrete.

That’s pretty much the summary of our meeting. Thanks for reading.

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