STEM meeting 7/19/13

July 19th, 2013

Presented Different natural Disasters

  • Blizzards: Anthony

–  love snow

– during a blizzard there is reduced vision

– certain wind scale for measuring blizzards

– formation: cold air crashes into warm air from tropics, clouds form

– Problems: transportation, buildings collapse, snowdrifts, powerlines+pipes freeze

– Solutions: Robots(ex. Electrac) can cut through snow and  rescue people

  • Earthquakes: Eddie

-Vector Scale goes on forever

-vibrations in the earth

  • Wildfires: Laura

-uncontrolled fire that starts in areas of vegetation

-economy is forced to pay for property damage

Discussed Various Inventions

Jennifer- heatpads that act as a glow stick

continued to

-boots for warmth as well as shoveling/melting snow

-handwarmers too expensive

-difficult to get to car in a snowstorm

-stairs are slippery and dangerous

-melt the snow with heating pads


-battery that runs on air

– special lightbulb that emits light by itself

Think: How to generate electricity or create/improve items that don’t use electricity?


Eddie and Ashton demonstrated creating a program for the robot.

– different blocks that represent various actions or functions

ex. text, numbers

Then they downloaded the program into the robot through wire. 

Also, they identified specific parts of the robot.

-ports: parts where you connect a certain wire of a motor

-hub: main section for all wires to be connected to (ex. item that multiple headphones may be plugged into)


Homework: research MOLD



6 thoughts on “STEM meeting 7/19/13

  1. Yes. For homework, we do have to reasearch about mold (different types of mold, black?) and find how the mold affects the people there. For example, black mold makes people very sick. How sick? What is black mold?

    • Don’t forget, you also have to research natural disasters and find SMALL problems that we can actually make a prototype of, not huge theoretical things like underground tunnels. We want to make something that is very simple, just like multiple common things used together in a better way. In the meeting, we thought of a device that used heat pads on a carpet to melt the snow on your front walk or driveway.

  2. Hi guys sorry I haven’t been involved at all. My camp is all day and when I come back I don’t have time to check on here. I will try to get more time, but for now on I’m trying to keep up with your very helpful posts to see where we are going in the meetings. I can try doing the homework also, and then maybe post my answers? Sorry again for my lack of participation.


    P.S. Hi Laura, when did you join? Sorry I can’t make it to the meetings!

    • Don’t worry about not being able to make it… A lot of the other people aren’t either.

      Laura actually just joined on July 19th and came to the meeting.

      • Okay, thanks! I am so excited for the meetings when the 2013-2014 school year starts because my camp that I go to does a lot of related things to us. I am in a robotics class and we are making the same robot as the one we were making in stem club. Also we are practicing a lot of programming with the robot, so I am really excited to see what we come up with as our goal for the robot!

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